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Invitation To Iran

This is a peaceful and humane message and acts from the Iranian people who wish to spread a peaceful message to everyone around the world. The iranian culture have always been known for its peaceful ways which made the iranian people very hospitable .

We invite you to Iran to discover the country’s mysterious and beautiful culture , in this way we also would like to change the  image, the media always view to the world about the iranian heritage and culture .Here is not affiliated with any government agency and a private company. Our only goal is to establish peace in the world.This website in a Non governmental organisation or even any private company.

Our only goal is to spread peace in the world. Iran’s historic and natural attractions to see, and here are just a few of many listed and we try every day Pages and expand our site and show Iran more and better for your loved ones.We are very willing to invite you in this peaceful activities to your message of peace to people of our kind and hospitable





Paul Kerins