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Tabriz is a city located in northwest of Iran. Tabriz is the most Modern city in Iran after Tehran. The city has been an Important city during the Persian history specially in contemporary Iran. And many of Iranian governments and famous were born in Tabriz. People who live in Tabriz speak in Turkish and they has been really brave when Iran’s enemy used to attack us.
I was reading Safarnama (travel literature). The book was written in 11 century by Nasser Khosro. In this book I’ve read about glory and beauty of Tabriz a lot.
Tabriz has the biggest Traditional bazaar in the world. The city is famous for carpet and a food called Kufte Tabrizi.
The weather is cold snowy in winter and nice in Spring and summer.


Tabriz is another fast growing Iranian city with ancient history and spectacular sights to visit during a-few-days stay. Tabriz tourist attractions are both inside and outside the city. It has some unique sights that attracts Iranian as well as non-Iranian travelers to explore the wealth of its history and culture. There has been traces of ancient dwellers choosing this place because of its location as well as political reasons


Originally, Tabriz was formed as a combination of several neighborhoods. Today, they are all interconnected in ten districts by several underpasses, overpasses and freeways within a network.

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