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Kashan, city of incredible houses

Kashan is an important city in north of Isfahan province and located between Isfahan and Tehran. It has a population of about 5 hundred thousand people.
Kashan is one of the historic cities in Iran and there are some incridible monuments to visit.
Firstly you can visit beautiful houses. They have a special architecture. When I was visiting these hoses there were like a palace. If you visit Tabatabaei houses, Ameriha house and Borujerdis house you can understand more my opinion about hoses. Having yard is really important to Iranians so there are amazing yard in these houses and in the yards you can see a pool of water. One of the best thing in Kashan is going in these houses and sitting at the yards to relax.
Also Kashan has a beautiful Persian garden called Fin Garden. Except beauty of this garden, Fin was a palace that Amir Kabir, Prime Minister of Qajar king was killed. Because he was a great man who wanna helped Iranian. So when I hear or see Fin I suddenly remember Amir Kabir and his honors.

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I don’t know you know or you do not know but Iranian bathhouse were really different from bathroom in your mind. In the past They used to be public and they used to had a special architecture. I can remember when I was a little child there was a bathhouse in my grandmother’s village that it was public. Actually bathehouse could be a place to visit other people and have a meeting with them. If you are curious about this kind of bathrooms there is one in Kashan called Sultan Amir Ahmad so visit it.
Kashan also has a traditional Bazaar and walking through it can be good. You can buy your souvenir from Kashan there. The weather in Kashan is hot summer and a little cold in winter.
What I like about Kashan is desert. There is a nice desert near  it called Maranjab. So if you have plan to explore desert, visit Maranjab.

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