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Isfahan Province


Isfahan is an important Province in middle of Iran. Its capital is Isfahan which important and historic city in Iran. Also there is another important big city in north of this province called Kashan.
Another worth visiting palace in this province is Abyane. It is a traditional village with incredible architecture.
There are 3 nice deserts in this province called Maranjab in north and another one is Varzaneh located in south east and the last one is Mesr located northeast Of Isafahan. So if you are planning to visit desert don’t forget them. On other hand you can see many monuments in Isfahan and Kashan. For example in Isfahan, you can Visit Naghsh-e Jahan Square and also Jame mosque and a big Traditional Bazaar. Also Kashan is a nice city to visit and most of tourists usually go there.
West of this province is a cold area. It has cold and snowy weather and nice summers and good to ski!
In east of this province there an old city called Nain. The city has traditional architecture and also famous for its nice Persian Carpet.

Isfahan-Khaju Bridge


Isfahan is half of the world

Isfahan is located in middle of Iran and it has a population about 2 millions people also there are a lot of monuments and historical places and nice streets.
Isfahan is one of the oldest cities in middle east because it was capital of Iran for 3 times during the Persian history so it has been an important city. So it has a lot of monuments and there are a lot of places to see. For example Naghsh-e Jahan Square, beautiful bridges called Si-o-seh Pol and Khaju bridge, beautiful mosques for example Jame masque, Shah Mosque and Sheikh lotfollah Mosque and churches for example Vank church and also palaces such as Chehelsotoun Palace and Shah Palac. There is a long Traditional Bazaar from Jame mosque to the square.

Sio-se-Pol Bridge- Isfahan

The weather in thiscity is typical of Iran. Winters are cold and summers are hot and dry. But in the spring everything is alright and great and weather is nice. In fall you can feel many colors and enjoy chilly weather! this chity is famous for its blue sky and blue dome of mosques and it is called “Half of  The World”. Isfahan is well known its traditional foods like Beryan it is delicious. Remember you can find it only in here.
If you wanna come Isfahan the best advice is that just go out your hotel and walk toward your destinations and I think 2 days is enough to be in Isfahan.
What I like best about Isfahan is walking around the city because Isfahan is really quiet city and it is really clean and neat. When I’m boring of home, I can easily get out and enjoy walking, seeing monuments, Zayanderood river and It’s nice street.

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